You (Can) Ask That: Transgender Games Edition

Oct 24, 2018


ROOM 205



There’s a lot of fear and mystery around asking the wrong questions. Especially when it comes to transgender issues, both in video games, and in real life.

How do you ask for someones pronouns? What’s the difference between a non-binary person, and a genderqueer person? How do I write transgender characters into my game, without being disrespectful? How can I make my workplace more transgender inclusive?

Sav Ferguson, Charlie Cassidy, Snow McNally, Fae Daunt and Damon Reece assemble as a panel of gender diverse games developers, programmers, and writers to answer the questions you’ve always wanted to ask, but weren’t sure how to phrase.

Come sit down, and have a chat with us.

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  • Fae Daunt

    Designer and Programmer

     SAE Melbourne

  • Charlie Francis Cassidy


    Mighty Games

  • Sav Ferguson

    Developer and Producer


  • Snow McNally

    Narrative Designer


  • Damon Reece

    Narrative Designer

    Route 59 Games