Your Studio Boo & You: An Introduction To Studio Culture Through The Lens Of A Dating Show

Oct 23, 2018


ROOM 204



You probably have some idea what you want out of a relationship, right? Hand holding, pina coladas, getting caught in the rain… (did you know that song is about cheating? He cheats on his wife, with his wife. It’s a whole thing.) But what about your studio culture? Suddenly not so sure?

Maybe you’re a manager, producer, or team leader and you’re unsure where to start building (or restoring) your culture.

Maybe you’re a member of a team that feels less like friends and more like foes. What if instead of having to think about this nebulous, nefarious studio culture, you could think of your studio as… a person? A person that you take a journey with, perhaps for a year, or ten?

Welcome to Your Studio Boo & You! The dating show where we break down the concept of “studio culture” and instead examine the relationship between individual, team and studio.

This talk will help individuals recognise the helpful and harmful behaviours studios can find themselves engaging in, how to create and foster positive culture, and warning signs that maybe that particular boo is not the one boo, for you.

  • Meredith Hall