User Reviews: Who, Why and OH GOD WHAT’S HAPPENING?!

Oct 23, 2018


ROOM 211



0/10 – “Worst game I have literally ever played.”

11/10 – “I love this game, what a delicious treat that shines uponst me in all it’s glory. I would die for this game, for I simply could not live without it.” – 11/10

5/10 – “It was fine”

It’s 2018 and user reviews play a major part in the perception of your game. The tidal wave of feedback is coming and you best understand how it’s going to crash over you and your beloved creations. Who knows, maybe we can build you a raft.

This talk will cover user reviews, what combine to be your game’s “score”. On iOS that’s 1-5 stars and on Steam that’s a review percentage. Why do people write reviews? What impact can they have on your game’s success? What can you do to sway the odds in your favour? How do you crack their hard shell and harvest their sweet, sweet nectar of wisdom?

Darcy is here to help you understand all things user-reviews across iOS, Android, Steam, Xbox One and PS4, referencing delicious anecdotes, scrumptious data and delectable statistics. Oh and he can also help with the creation of obscure analogies too, if that’s up your alley.


  • Darcy Smith

    Community Manager

    League of Geeks