Unity Tech for Indies: Less Bugs, More Gameplay

Oct 23, 2018


ROOM 207



When all you have at your disposal is a small team of developers; making certain styles of games (such as RPGs) can take a toll on your budget, time and sanity. How do you push gameplay quality without cratering your project scope or riddling your game with bugs?

Marko will share lessons learned from creating RPG games in Unity; how leveraging data validation, tools and other technology helped speed up iteration times on gameplay and design. Specific examples and usage that improved quality and reduced testing load will be shown; from the currently in development Adventure RPG ‘Ravencall’. This talk will also touch upon gameplay programming tips borne from the multidisciplinary mixture of programming and game design.

Though these techniques come from the experiences of working in small teams they still apply to developers working in larger teams. Never again should a spelling error in your configuration data cripple your gameplay, nor should a data heavy game style seem out of your reach; simply because of your team size.

  • Marko Grgic


    Super Fun Games