This Business of Art: Strategies for Long Term Success

Oct 23, 2018


ROOM 210



Great games always don’t always lead to great businesses, but great businesses help us make great games.

In her 5 years in the games industry Ella has seen Mighty Kingdom grow from hiring employee number 5 (herself) to a 45+ person studio turning over millions of dollars in revenue and shipping over 20 games to millions of users around the globe. She’s been privileged to contribute strategy and execution to this explosive growth and had a front row seat to the highs and many, (many) lows of this journey.

Throughout that time one uncomfortable truth has stood out above all: Your business is just as important as your game.

Ella will share insights from lessons learned and present a framework for tackling this uncomfortable truth at all stages of your game development journey to and plot out a path towards helping you support your great games with smart business decisions that will allow you to build games well into the future.
She’ll discuss strategies for making market-driven decisions to inform what game to make next, the importance of designing your game’s monetisation from the start, and how to tear down the walls between you and the audience earlier and earlier in your development lifecycle.

This talk will be truly transparent, so be prepared to learn from the failures too!

  • Kim Forrest

    Designer & Product Manager

    Mighty Kingdom

  • Ella Macintyre

    Senior Product Manager

    Mighty Kingdom

  • Philip Mayes

    Founder & Ceo

    Mighty Kingdom