So You (Or Someone Else) Decided You’re A Producer

Oct 23, 2018


ROOM 203



The first question you get after “Did you make [Insert AAA Game Here]?!” when you tell people you work in game development is usually “So what do you do?”

If the answer is Producer, often you’re met with blank stares and confused nods.
Because, after all – what does a Producer do?

We’ve pulled together six producers from multiple different projects, project and team sizes, development platforms and more to discuss their experience with the role. From the challenges of being a producer, how the role changes, what people don’t tell you about being a producer, where to find help and general survival hints, with such a nuanced role, we expect there’ll be plenty of discussion (and potentially disagreement!)

We’ll break down misconceptions, tell you all the scrum secrets and how to keep a team enthused and excited while shielding them from difficult business decisions, end of cycle burnout, and more. Whether you are a producer, want to hire one, have one on your team, or want to become one – our six panellists will take you on a journey to understand this integral role in game development.

  • Joe Park

    Chief Operations Officer, co-founder and Director

    Harmonious Games

  • Cass Gray

    Assistant Producer

    Weta Gameshop

  • Kamina Vincent



  • Jair McBain

    Moth Likely and 2Ginge

    Director, Producer and Designer

  • Lisy Kane


    League of Geeks

  • Amy Dallas


    ClutchPlay Games

  • Meredith Hall