Porting Your Thoughts: A Guide to Breaking Down Communication Barriers

Oct 23, 2018


ROOM 204



It’s no secret that there are communication differences between artists and programmers, let alone the numerous other integral roles that make up a games studio. Yet we are not always aware of the way our own thought processes and communication styles contribute to creating such barriers. The more familiar we are with the intentions, needs and expectations of ourselves and our colleagues, the less likely we are to bang our heads against a wall after a heated argument where everyone was actually in agreement.

Jess and Amos sit on opposite sides of the game dev spectrum and have vastly different communication styles (even in the way they are approaching this presentation). Despite this, they have successfully worked together on a wide range of studio titles and hobby projects by having open conversations about issues and experiences. In this talk, they will share insight into some of these differences, with anecdotes and practical tips to help smooth the lines of communication in your team.

Stay tuned for answers to all your favourite muttered-under-the-breath rhetorical questions, including:

  • Why does the Designer keep asking me to add new features that aren’t important?
  • Why is the Artist annoyed when I give them advice on their Work in Progress?
  • Why does the Programmer explain things to me in unnecessary detail constantly? and,
  • Why won’t QA stop interrupting me when I am in the middle of something?
  • Jess Watson

    Game Designer & Motion Capture Technician

    Stirfire Studios

  • Amos Wolfe


    Black Lab Games