Optimising Graphics for Mobile Devices in Unity

Oct 24, 2018


ROOM 207



This session is aimed for mid to advanced developers who want to get more into creating custom shaders for mobile, have more control over graphics, have a GPU bound mobile app or want to learn more about Unity and shaders in general.

I will present the tricks and techniques we used in Crash of Cars to optimise for mobile GPU devices running on OpenGLES 2 or higher. This includes best practices for writing custom shaders, creating fallback graphic options for slower devices, shader tricks, profiling on real devices and working with artists to create a good pipeline.

Specifically I will cover splat map shaders, using world space UVs, creative uses of render textures, profiling and testing shaders, general optimisations tips for vertex and pixel shaders and art pipeline tips. I will dive into sample shader code, run through some profiling tools and give visual break downs of shaders and how they can be adapted to your games.

  • Brian Akira Su

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