Oct 24, 2018


ROOM 203



This discussion is for game developers as much as it is for composers. 

Mechanical royalties are the backbone of a songwriter’s financial growth. They’re generated and owed to the songwriter every time a product embodying their musical work is reproduced. For instance: sold digitally, pressed into a vinyl record, or printed on a CD. Nearly all territories which sell music products are required to pay these mechanical royalties to the songwriter, except games. Until now.

This panel will discuss with the audience the importance and gravity of mechanical royalties entering the game space, and how it will affect all game devs in the future. Featuring some of the music industry’s key figureheads in game audio, publishing, record labels, artist management, and rights management.

  • Kathryn Stirling

    UNIFIED Music Group

    Accounts and Royalties manager

  • Fabian Malabello

    Agent, Account manager, Music Supervisor, Director

    Boss Battle Records / The Otherworld Agency

  • Mark Richardson

    OUTPOST Management

  • Greg Morrow

    Manager of Film, TV and Claims