Inflation – The Quest to Manage The Sims FreePlay’s Economy

Oct 23, 2018


ROOM 209



Game economies are a closed system where we manage all the currencies that players earn and the ease at which they get to spend them. They are fundamental to the success and longevity of large F2P games but are still never easy to get right.

Through The Sims FreePlay’s long history, we will take a peek behind the curtain to share how the components of our economy have evolved from inception to our current state, 7 years in. From our rocky beginnings with hyperinflation, to the creeping inflation of player wallet balances, we will step through the basics of building an economy…and what to avoid.

Then we explore the analytics essential to deriving insights from the economy and how we have used it to tune and retune multiple variables. Finally, we will look at the variety of strategies and tactics that we have used to manage and evolve The Sims FreePlay’s economy.

  • Mavis Chan

    Lead Product Manager

    EA Firemonkeys