Implementing Best-Practice Quality Assurance for Small Teams

Oct 23, 2018


ROOM 211



GCAP┬áis specifically asking for advanced-level topics this year, but that’s a tricky request for a quality assurance professional. Why? Well, there simply aren’t many games studios in Australia employing anything close to advanced-level QA practices.
So, join LiveTiles senior quality assurance manager and ex-founder of The Machine QA Jason Imms as he walks the tightrope between introducing new ideas to some of his audience, while simultaneously definitely talking at an advanced level about how small teams can implement best-practice QA practices without breaking the bank.
Look forward to frank and rugged discussion of:
– How and why everyone on the team is responsible for QA – Making the best use of limited QA budgets
– What you can learn and realistically implement from large-scale QA practices
– The 7 fundamental principles of QA, and why you should commit them to memory
– How most issue tracking software sucks, and what you can do about it – The difference between testing and QA
– How to build and maintain experience and expertise in your QA team
– How a good QA pipeline can completely change your relationship with work-for-hire clients
– And more!
  • Jason Imms


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