I Know Kung Fu – The State of Serious Games and Emerging Technology

Oct 23, 2018


ROOM 207



Immersive experiences and games have been a part of how we educate, train and even assess people in a variety of different environments and industries, but what does the future look like for game developers – especially in emerging technology platforms?

Using case-studies in game development on a variety of different technology platforms, Opaque Space’s founder Emre Deniz will discuss how games are impacting industries ranging from civil construction to defence, and how cutting-edge technologies, such as Machine Learning and Virtual Reality, are changing the field of Serious Games.

This talk is geared for audience members that are interested in finding out what the future holds for Serious Games, as well as upcoming technology platforms, design philosophies and interesting findings from test programs derived from a range of real-life applications – from the United States Airforce VR pilot training, to how astronauts are being prepared for missions on the Moon.

  • Emre Can Deniz

    Studio Director

    Opaque Space