Games for the Military? Are you Serious?

Oct 24, 2018


ROOM 207



In the mid-2000’s a small group of Operation Flashpoint modders in a small NSW regional town had a crazy idea to take their favourite game and create a business from it by turning it into a serious military training tool. Fast forward 15 or so years and that crazy idea has turned into a multi-national business with 260+ employees across seven offices.

A business that created an entirely new military training paradigm with a game-based product that is used by military organisations in 59 countries to train hundreds of thousands of soldiers every year. Bohemia Interactive Simulations (BISim) is probably the biggest Australian gaming success story you’ve never heard of!

Come and hear how an Australian business smashed down the walls between games for entertainment and games for training. Ryan Stephenson, Managing Director for BISim’s Australian Operations, will tell the BISim story and detail the technical and commercial challenges faced in taking mass market gaming technology and selling it to the military.

  • Ryan Stephenson

    Managing Director

    Bohemia Interactive Simulations