Game Development Architecture Roundtable

Oct 24, 2018


ROOM 205



Games can be very forward thinking when it comes to the functionality of the games we build, however in terms of technical infrastructure and approaches to technology we use it can be incredibly stagnant. Developing games is a high pressure process with minimal room for error, because of this adoption of new technologies and approaches can be incredibly mixed. New approaches are often only used on an as needed or platform required basis.

In an effort to improve this situation in the local developer community we are looking at establishing a regular bi-monthly meet up for engineers to learn and share information about new technologies and their specific relevance to games. The idea would be to craft the sessions specifically to target the needs within the local industry looking at best practices and talking through the pros, cons, risks and costs of what is available.

To do this however we we need to first ask the industry about what their needs are, about their knowledge gaps as well as those areas that would most help them be successful.

  • Luis Van Slageren


    Mighty Games Group

  • Anna Tito

    Technical Project Lead

    Hipster Whale