Fortifying Your Future: Building the Foundation for Advocacy

Oct 24, 2018


ROOM 211



Following her 5 years as Executive Director of the International Game Developers Association (IGDA), Kate has been continuing her momentum as an outspoken advocate to create a better industry for game creators. With insights from her persistent travel and meeting game developers from around the world, she has not only gained direct wisdom about the real issues and challenges facing our profession, but also valuable insights on how we can remedy the issues and look optimistically towards our future.

At GCAP 2017, Kate presented her approach to advocacy and encouraged all game creators to stand up, be proud of their profession, and find their will to make change happen. As a follow-up to that closing keynote, she will build on the discussion and dive into the specifics of how you turn your conscious desire to advocate into a practical strategy to actually make it happen.

With many anecdotes from her own 25+ year history in the game industry and experience as an public-facing advocate, Kate will show the audience how each and every one of them can build a foundation from which they can truly advocate for change – and actually make it happen.

  • Kate Edwards