Drawing Heaps of Objects on Console, Fast, as an Indie

Oct 24, 2018


ROOM 209



This talk will use multiple Samurai Punk projects as case studies in how to optimise for large numbers of dynamic objects on consoles and in VR. The nature of these projects required may custom solutions that departed dramatically from the typical Unity render pipeline.

Using code examples, performance benchmarks and GPU traces from the project the talk will walk through modern graphics pipelines, shader/lighting optimisation and performance bottlenecks. We’ll look at multiple projects to show the different ways the Unity pipeline can be constrained to show where it performs well and where alternate solutions may be needed.

We’ll be looking at identifying bottlenecks, bypassing most of Unity’s rendering system via Graphics calls, GPU culling via Compute, and more. Many of these solutions will still apply strongly outside the Unity environment.

  • Justin Whitfort


    Samurai Punk