Dismembering ‘The Forest’

Oct 24, 2018


ROOM 209



‘Dismembering The Forest’ is an in-depth audio post-mortem discussing the design, implementation, and technical approaches taken to create the dynamic and meaningful soundscape for the highly acclaimed, open world multiplayer survival horror game.

Aimed at a medium to advanced level, the session will cover: Foley recording; asset design; the use of audio middle-ware; and the implementation methods taken to create a rich, and suspenseful in-game experience.

While based primarily around the use of audio in The Forest, developers from all disciplines will benefit from project-based examples that can assist in the setting-up or improvement of their audio production pipeline.

  • Michael Theiler

    Studio Director

    Kpow Audio

  • Trevor Dikes

    Technical Audio Designer

    Kpow Audio