Oct 24, 2018





Do you have trouble pretending to pay attention during long talks? Vines, GIFs and Youtube have trained us to focus for no more that 5 minutes at at time, so is it our fault that 45 minutes of one topic is excruciating? No! Then this session is just for you!

8 speakers, no more than 5 minutes each. Each speaker has something important to tell you. Something to make you think, something to make you question yourself, something to make you laugh, something to make you cry. Something that won’t last more than 5 minutes. If you only attend one talk this conference, make it these eight.

  • Tony Albrecht

    Senior Engineer

    Riot Games

  • Jean Leggett

    Co-Founder & CEO

    One More Story Games

  • Kate Edwards



  • Saf Davidson

    Narrative Designer, Editor, Podcaster


  • Keith Fuller

    Leadership Consultant

    Fuller Game Production

  • Nick Suttner

    Writer, Designer, Consultant

    Nick Suttner

  • Rob Davis

    Lead Level Designer

    Sony Santa Monica

  • Anna Tito

    Technical Project Lead

    Hipster Whale