Delivering Their Vision

Oct 24, 2018


ROOM 209



How do you translate another’s vision into a game?

When working with established properties or a clearly defined art bible we can build ourselves into a corner as we try to work out how we can translate these things into functional production art for a game.

Dean’s talk will look at this process and how to identify what is essential from the source material while not being distracted by just reproducing the art; how does it fit your project and can you find ways to showcase what is special about it while understanding the natural constraints of your project?

The talk will examine successful examples, and deconstruct Dean’s own personal experiences along with challenges faced on past projects. This talk will also discuss ways to better communicate or translate your own vision to a production team while understanding these constraints. These solutions can be technical and creative sometimes requiring a full team’s perspective.

Just being faithful to the original design isn’t enough if it doesn’t fit with the needs of your game.

  • Dean Walshe

    Digital Artist

    Blue Manchu