Creativity Can Compete: Marrying Commercial Value and Artistic Vision

Oct 23, 2018


Room 209



We’re often told marketing needs to be done from the start, but what does that entail? This talk gives an overview of marketing’s role in pre-production, specifically through a discussion of value-building and positioning strategies aimed at helping developers create and maintain a competitive edge. It will ask the questions: How do we position our games as successful products but support individual developer creativity? How can we use this process to innovate as an industry?

Through the lens of value strategy and analysis, this talk’s goal is to begin tearing down the wall between art and business. Specifically, to suggest strategies through which developers can add value to a project to make it commercially viable, while keeping their creative vision intact. It will ask developers to consider how their consumers interpret their games, and how they can integrate commercial product development into the design process. Using examples, it will cover practical steps for building value, differentiation, and identifying resources and business activities that could be performing better.

  • Emily D’Elia

    Studio & Marketing Manager

    Spree Entertainment