Creating Emotional Engagement Through Narrative and Game Design

Oct 24, 2018


ROOM 207



The key to creating meaningful player interaction is getting players emotionally invested in your game and keeping them engaged throughout the playing experience. This talk is about how to induce this engagement by using known UX lessons, dramatic composition in narrative design and variation in the core mechanics of your game, making them deep rather than complex.

Learn how to cleverly focus on strengths of the limitations within your core game mechanics, creating immersion from the moment the player opens the game, designing an easily accessible tutorial, establishing and breaking core mechanics, utilizing the structure of your narrative design and supporting it through your level design as well as using engaging writing and powerful sound design to create memorable gaming moments for your players.

Using their award-winning games Orwell and Hacknet as a case studies, Mel Taylor and Matt Trobbiani talk about game design lessons from working on the development of two of the most successful text-based indie games of the last years.

  • Matt Trobbiani


    Team Fractal Alligator

  • Melanie Taylor

    Melanie Taylor