Charlie Red – Founding An Art Collective

Oct 24, 2018


ROOM 205



Thousands of talented developers shape Melbourne’s games industry today. Many of these are artists, animators and visual designers.

Upon moving to Melbourne in 2016 Ruth learned that those artists weren’t as connected as producers, game writers or community managers seemed to be. It felt like a community for artists didn’t exist yet, so Ruth made one.

Hear her talk about the many challenges and lessons learned when dedicating herself to logo and identity design, website creation and community and event management while working her full-time job and having had no prior experience in being an art collective mama. Ruth describes ways of effective communication within teams and to an outside audience. She explains how well she handled her initial workload and what she should’ve done to be a more efficient founder. Ruth speaks about humility, delegating the work you cannot accomplish and the importance of defining your project values and believing in your idea from start to finish.

This talk is a story about the active and continuous effort of breaking down the walls between Melbourne’s artists and creatives through building a safe space for a collective filled with both professional advice and personal growth.

  • Ruth Bosch

    Artist & Illustrator

    League of Geeks