A Thousand Cuts Down to 5 (How to Keep Unity’s Drawcalls and Other Bottlenecks in Check)

Oct 24, 2018


ROOM 209



Unity games have an ill-deserved reputation for suffering performance wise on mobile, VR and consoles (most notably the Nintendo Switch) from a number of factors such as CPU, drawcalls, shaders & fillrate. These problems are usually caused by developers building for pc and not tracking performance considerations for other platforms. Worse, these issues are often only addressed too late in development when porting to a new platform, and can only be resolved in time by cutting features & content.

Using the case study of a GearVR title this talk will both detail how to build tools for your game to manage asset & level optimisation, as well as how to interpret profiler and debug information to know how you need to rebalance optimisation and where.

The examples and approaches outlined will focus heavily on ensuring that assets don’t need to be reworked by hand and that optimisation tweaks can be iterated as quickly as possible.

  • Kieran Lord


    Cratesmith Game Assembly