A Step by Step Guide to Ads for your Game: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Beyond!

Oct 24, 2018


ROOM 204



Developers have heard many whispers about Facebook advertising and the like. But how should they start? What black magic could be involved? How should they decide their budget across various platforms?

In this talk Katie will share her insights from the past year becoming a UA Manager. Katie will discuss the mistakes she made, the successes she’s had and share key takeaways for those who want to run their own ads on a shoestring budget. What can you achieve and how can you do it?

The session includes how to make decisions across various social platforms for ad spend, setting a budget, how to follow an experimental process to get good data, and when + how paid vs. free tools should be used, and when to execute ad campaigns for different purposes.

The session will also include how to use Google Surveys to decide key asset designs such as banners, trailers etc. before jumping into expensive ad campaigns, and how to evaluate your ad performance.

As Lumi aren’t from an ad network of social platform, we’re sharing unbiased takeaways from experience with ad campaigns for iOS and Android.

  • Katie Stegs


    Lumi Consulting