2D or not 2D – Creating 2D Characters in a 3D World

Oct 23, 2018


ROOM 209



Join me on a wondrous journey to see how the beautifully painted 2D characters of the Artful Escape are created using Maya and Unreal Engine.
Starting with setting up an atlas and ending with animating for state machines, I will walk through my entire workflow, showing you how I approach modelling, rigging, and animating 2D assets in a 3D world. Gain an insight into the tips and tricks I rely on, the challenges and limitations I have worked through, and what skills I have learnt on the side to improve my processes. In particular, I will go in-depth on how to approach constructing rigs so they are easy to manage, easy to animate, and easy to update.
Big methodologies are jumbled up with specific technical tips and tricks in this talk that is basically an excuse for me to ramble on about what I’m passionate about most – rigging!

  • Tessa Monash

    Senior Artist

    Beethoven & Dinosaur