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One Game at a Time: The First 5 Years of an Indie Studio

One More Story Games is all about the story.

Married founders Blair and Jean Leggett set out to build a new game engine specifically to help authors adapt their stories into narrative games. Over five years, they developed the platform and content, as well as taught youth to make games at camps they hosted.

This talk looks at OMSG’s strategies for maximising resources (recruiting interns, raising over $500K, accessing government grants, and developing valuable partnerships) and overcoming challenges (how to deal with difficult situations with your co-founders, staff, contractors, financers).

Accessible Player Experience (APX) – A new approach to game accessibility

Fourteen years ago The AbleGamers Charity was the vanguard of game accessibility.   In 2011 it published its award-winning Includification in 2011, the first guide for making games accessible.  Now, major game companies bought into the need for accessibility, and have created and remixed guidelines regarding what developers must include in their games to reach players with disabilities.

We have come a long way, but guidelines, including our own, do something we never intended… they can stifle creativity, and impede out-of-the-box thinking, by focusing only on the features rather than the experiences they deliver.

For the last two years, AbleGamers and the University of York have gathered data from players with disabilities from around the world, listened to developers about what they find hard about accessible design, and consolidated knowledge from across our existing guidelines.  The result is a new way of doing design thinking about the inclusion of people with disabilities in games.  APX is a new approach that gives developers the tools they need to make accessible player experiences while allowing for creativity and out-of-the-box thinking. This talk will introduce the ideas of APX, and how it will change the way you design games to include players with disabilities.

Don’t let overwhelming success overwhelm you: Scaling to millions with PlayFab

With PlayFab, Microsoft provides a complete, platform agnostic backend service for games – and applications more broadly – that currently powers over 2,000 live games, with over 100 million monthly active users (MAU). And with a huge emphasis on realtime events and live game operations, PlayFab closes the gap for developers of all sizes.
This means it’s possible for teams of all sizes to have a world-class online service layer that allows them to do rich user segmentation and provide highly customized experiences based upon user behaviors – quite simply, to maximize their potential.

In this talk, we’ll walk through the fundamentals of the PlayFab service, covering not just why we built it, but also how, and demonstrating some of its capabilities.

Fireside Chat: Rhianna Pratchett talks to Morgan Jaffit

Two industry legends and friends sit down for a candid chat. I mean, C’MON!


Important: The Fireside Chat room is NOT recorded and we ask attendees not to post the thoughts and comments of the presenters on social media. This is a safe space in which our speakers can be open about their experiences in the industry.